Asana to Jira Server Integration: Does not sync Comments OR Sub-tasks

Hello Team,

The challenge I have with integration with Jira Server is:

  1. It does not sync Comments - If Developers are using Jira and we are transferring a task from Asana to Jira, we want that all the historic communication in ‘Comments’ section is transferred over to Jira as well. But this doesn’t happen. Which means, all the historic conversation is not be visible to developers.

  2. It does not sync Sub-tasks - Sub-tasks if created in Asana, should be transferred over to Jira as well, along with Due dates. It makes no sense that we need to re-create sub-tasks all over again in Jira, despite having an integration.

The integration is incomplete without ability to sync comments or sub-tasks. Could we get these features added to the current solution as well?

Thank you.


Thanks for creating this thread and sharing your feedback! I’ll keep you posted once we have any news about this feature!

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