Asana template inheritance manager


Currently I manage a series of project templates that are IT work tracking checklists. These checklists are far too robust for task templates, and I use them in a team/project agnostic style. My organizational pattern is to use nested portfolios to sort work into useable bins, and work is tracked using these directories over a standard team panel with related projects contained within.


A problem I experience often is whenever I need to make a change to a process, I need to go through my massive list of project templates and update that change by hand. This means reviewing most of my templates and a lot of copy pasting work. My remedy is to have a control doc that I make changes to, then copy those changes across Asana, but it’s error prone and time consuming.


It would be incredible to have a template manager! Features I would like to see include:

  1. Replaceable parts that can be used in multiple different templates

If template A and template B use task A, I want to be able to update task A, push that change, and see the change in both templates A and B.

  1. Flow chart overview so I can determine what elements a template inherits from others

If template A and B both have task A, only template A has task B, and neither have task C, I would like to see the fact that template A inherits tasks A and B, whereas template B only inherits task A.

  1. Ability to choose whether or not to push changes to current, non-archived projects

I created an instance of template A, but I since added task C to the template. I want to include task C on all of my non-archived projects, so I push this change to them without having to copy it by hand

  1. Ability to archive templates themselves

Template C is a legacy process that we seldom use anymore. I want to archive it for research and in the off chance we need to use it again

  1. Copy templates between teams and projects quickly

Task D is a generally helpful task that touches many different teams in my organization. I want to be able to copy this template to those teams quickly so that individuals without access to the inheritance manager can use them


Thank you for looking over my feature request! Generally, any support for templates is welcome!



Thanks for sharing your feedback. We suggest you break those into individual messages, each one going to an existing thread or a new thread.

That way the community can vote on one item.