Task templates, dependencies & timeline management

Few questions here:

First, when creating a template, it always appears in the project list, so if we have, say, a dozen templates it’s causing a lot of clutter when trying to manage projects. From what I understood, you cannot delete or archive a template or it will not be available in the template list, but is there anyway to hide this?

Second, when creating tasks that are dependent or child tasks, if I move the parent task in the timeline the expected behavior is that the dependent or child task will also be moved since it’s theoretically impossible for our team to start the car without first getting into the vehicle. This lack of true dependency is holding us back from using Asana as our end-all solution. Are we missing something here? This is important because an operations team member might run the same routine each month, but on separate days, and that routine might contain 7-8 separate tasks, and moving those all manually would be cumbersome and inefficient.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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There’s not a way to hide a template from the projects lists. I’d recommend making a separate Team to hold your templates.

No, you’re not missing anything; Asana does not provide that capability. You can achieve it with my Flowsana integration, however!

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Thanks, Phil, will definitely take a look at Flowsana for sure.