Asana suggesting Tasks and using Word Document

Hello. I’m new to Asana - I’m still on the free trial. I would like to create a project by using the project proposal i sent to my client in a Word document. the proposal has all the steps, stages and deliveries. Can I do this? Also Can I ask Asana to suggest tasks in a project from a simple overview of what I am trying to achieve? Thank you

Hi @Glenn_Handley – welcome to the forum!

You can create a project by importing a CSV file, not a word document. You can use the screenshot in this guide as a point of reference of where to start. You can use AI to help some, but not on the free plan, although you should be able to while still on the trial.

Edited to note: If you plan on staying with the free version of Asana, you will be very limited in the features that you can use to execute your project (ex. custom fields, rules, dependencies, and other features will not be available).


Hi @Glenn_Handley welcome to the forum.
You cannot import a word doc as a project. You can import a CSV (excel) but it is tricky and i’d follow the guide.
The best way would be to create a template that follows similar things to your project proposal and use that.

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