Asana coupled with a Document Automation app

Is anyone using Asana coupled with a document automation app?

I have to send the same letter in to several people in several projects. Now, I have a template in Asana with a task with a link to a form letter in Word on OneDrive. When I create a new project from the template I have a task to write the letter. Every time I write the letter, I have to enter, say ten, fields of information. If I have to send the letter to more than one person in a project, I have to fill in the same ten fields even though, say five, of the fields use the same information from the previous letter in the same project. But if I send the letter in a new project, there is no replication. It would be nice to enter information somewhere in the project and have the Word document pull it to complete the letter. Anyone doing anything like this? If so, how?