Schedule form to autopopulate project and multiple tasks?

I am trying to use Asana more efficiently and looking for some help on how to.
Example of what I want to do:

I recently signed up a new client who has a schedule including sponsorship of 3 newsletters, 2 podcasts, and some banner advertising on a website. All o the details are already laid out in a document.
I would like to connect that document to Asana to automatically create and populate one master project with the client’s name, tasks including the 3 newsletters, 2 podcasts, and banner advertisements, plus all of the due dates, reminders, and assigned people responsible within my team.

Right now I am manually inputting the information. How can this be done automatically?


You could use Zapier for example to read the doc and then create whatever is necessary (it would be quite hard in my opinion though, maybe @paulminors could advise) . You just need to identify what would be the trigger in your case…

If that situation does not present itself too often, you could also have an assistant help out, rather than spending a ton of energy trying to automate something that is surely going to evolve.

Hi @Brian_McVickers - I think the key question is the one Bastien asked - is this document-to-Asana process a one-time thing, or something that you or your client needs to be done repeatedly going forward?

Also, what type of document is it specifically - Google sheet, Word doc, etc.?

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Thanks. This is frequent. 100+ per year. Document is now Google doc converted to PDF and processed through Adobe sign.
But can be other if it facilitates.

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see why you’d need to import from a Google doc 100+ times a year; rather, I would suggest creating a template in Asana from that doc one time, and then creating a new project from that template each time you need a new master project.

When you create a new project from the template, you can use Asana’s Schedule Project Dates feature to set up the correct dates.

Does that make sense?


Instead of using the document, would the built in Asana Forms be useful for inputting the newsletters, podcast details etc?