Asana, show me your BUTs 🍑

Thanks @Christina_Davies, I feel like for now this is not a BUT but just a missing feature. Feel free to challenge.

Today was my regular check, I believe the list is still correct, nothing to remove.

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@Gerald_Thomas I created B6.9 and B6.10, does it make sense?

Also added B3.5 B8.1 B7.3 B7.4

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman, I think :peach: B8.1 is no longer an issue (!)

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I added :peach: B7.5 and :peach: B8.1 is indeed fixed! :muscle:


@Bastien_Siebman: My biggest BUT at the moment: No DEV-Team would ever like to use Asana without that feature: Code snippets in Asana - #280 by Albert_Reiner

Even as product owner, I miss that feature.

Tables in task descriptions are already announced. But I think code blocks are much more important, because then Asana gets relevant for a whole new target group.

I understand. I don’t see it as a BUT but just a missing feature…

Added 2 BUTs:

:peach: B2.4 A template allows to define due dates relative to project start or due date BUT a task converted to a project using a template in a rule will use the trigger date.

:peach: B9.1 A task audit trail will show an incoming mention BUT it won’t show future mentions if the source task was recurring.


@Bastien_Siebman , a suggestion for B4.2:
When you add custom fields to a Portfolio, you can ‘Add or hide fields’ in the status update of all the projects that belong to that portfolio BUT if you add custom fields to a nested Portfolio, then these custom fields are not available in the ‘Add or hide fields’ part of the Portfolio’s status update (in the portfolios ‘Progress’ tab). Tricky to summarise :sweat_smile:
:link: Relevant topic.

I’ll collect my brain on the floor and get back to you shortly :sweat_smile: :brain:

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:exploding_head: :rofl:

If I re-phrase, a status update at the portfolio level won’t let you hide or show fields? what’s the link with nested portfolios?

Correct, a status update of a portfolio (from its ‘Progress’ tab) cannot show/hide any custom fields.

The only way (that I know of) to add such custom fields to a portfolio is to nest that portfolio in a ‘master’ portfolio in which those custom fields are added to. So even by doing this, these fields cannot be shown/hidden in the status update of such portfolios that are nested within the master portfolio.

That seems like a very specific use case, I’ll put it aside for now if that’s ok with you.

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You can add text fields to your tasks BUT you can’t search them! For example, I have a text field called PO#, but I can’t use the search feature to find any individual POs.

Welcome, @AHP_Office,

You can search text fields. Have you tried Advanced Search > Add filter > Custom field?



I had attempted that, and I just did again. Using “Contains the words” did not work. However, I just now had success using “Is exactly” which is a little less convenient if I don’t know the entire PO, but at least workable.

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Added :peach: B7.8 Form can be shared outside an org BUT not if you are currently in a trial.


Rules can be related to what is occurring to any task of that type in a project (a blocked task or one requiring approval) but rules can’t be associated with specific tags or tasks by name.

I am not entirely convinced that’s a BUT. It is expected that rules won’t cover every single use case and features, so for now we decided not to add this in the list. @lpb what do you think?