Adding custom fields of a Portfolio within a Project Status update/report

  1. I created a few projects : OK
  2. I created a portfolio in which I added the projects : OK. I customized the portfolio by adding some fields like ‘Sponsors’ : OK
  3. I created a report linked with the portfolio, but I can not add the customized fields in the report.

tks for your help

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Hi @Chams_JAOUADI and welcome to the Asana community forum :raised_hand:

When you’ve created the Custom Field “Sponsors” in your project, did you make sure to “Add it to your Organization library” ?

That should allow you to find it in the library when you add it in your portfolio.

I hope that could help; if not, don’t hesitate to continue the conversation :wink:



Hi @Chams_JAOUADI , I think you need to do the following in the Status report page of your PROJECT (not your Portfolio):

  1. Click on ‘Show or hide fields’
  2. Select your custom fields that you want to be displayed in the Status report
  3. Click ‘Save’ so these will always be displayed in future reports (similar to the ‘save layout as default’ action in Projects)

Note, the custom fields you add in a Portfolio will apply to your projects, therefore available in the project status page of each project within your portfolio.

However, if you are creating a Progress report of your portfolio and you want to display any custom fields there, unfortunately (currently) these will not appear in the ‘Show or hide fields’ even if you nest this portfolio in a master portfolio.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi guys, tks for your quick answers.

Arthur, I did add the specific field to my organization but it does not help.

Richard, I followed your steps but still not working.

thanks again for your help, guys :slight_smile:

Hi @Chams_JAOUADI , can you clarify whether you want these custom fields to appear in a status report for:

A. a project within your portfolio?
B. the portfolio that your projects are within?

I will just summarise my previous post: the custom fields added to a portfolio will appear in the status update report of a project within that portfolio. You cannot add custom fields to a status report of a portfolio itself, even if it is nested within another portfolio.

Hope that helps!

Hi Richard.
tks fr your answer ! I’ll try to be enlight my issue :slight_smile:
Well, I have a dozen of projects that are in my portfolio. There are 3 sponspors splitted on these projects.
I need to have in the report linked with the portfolio the sponsor field, so I’ll be able to build the KPI using this field.
I hope it’s better explained

HI @Chams_JAOUADI , I think I have understood what you are trying to achieve, but unfortunately I don’t think it is possible. I am a bit confused however with the KPI you mentioned that you are trying to ‘build’? Do you mean the Goals feature? And the portfolio linked to the report, you mean a status report of a portfolio, right?

Perhaps if you provide some screenshots would help (cross out any sensitive data). Ideally if you can show what you have setup and on which page you are trying to create the status report… maybe we can help further :person_shrugging:

Hi Richard

Scrrenshot is really better :slight_smile:
so here below a screenshot of one of the Projects ; you can see the sponsor field.

when I create a new chart in the report linked with my portfolio, I can’t find the sponsor field

in the report, I can’t find the sponsor field I’ve created in the project.

Hey @Chams_JAOUADI the custom field you are referring to is that saved as available to the whole org or was that field only added in one project?

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer , I don’t think the issue is whether the custom field is local or in the library. It seems to be a people custom field which is not yet supported in reporting, I think.

@Chams_JAOUADI , thanks for the screenshots. Indeed much easier for us to diagnose the issue!
Can you confirm whether you are using a people-type custom field for your Sponsors?

Oh right good point yeah that could be the issue indeed @Richard_Sather

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Hey Richard

I confirm : it’s a people-type custom field !

Ok, great! So in this case, you could either:

A. wait for the people-type custom field to be supported in (Universal) Reporting & project Dashboard (which might be soon or perhaps a few months!)

B. create a new single-select (or multi-select) custom field with all the names of the sponsors as options and then migrate these from the people-type field. You can refer to this helpful video by @Bastien_Siebman here: 🎥 How to migrate tasks from one custom field to another ?

Personally, I would go for B as long you don’t have tons of tasks to migrate!

Hope this helps :wink:

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