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I would like to set up a rule in Asana— where when you create a new task— it either includes a list of requirements in this description box automatically so that people can use that as a guide to describing the task.


Hi @Reema_Nawaz,

There is not an action that directly ties to a description for rules. However, I think I found a workaround for you.

Please refer to the screenshot below

Trigger: Task added to project
Actions: Comment (add your list of requirements) + Add collaborators.

Hope this helps!



If you are creating the requirements as kind of captions/values to fill out, consider using a Task Template which will allow you to set this up right in the Description as you asked, perhaps with bold captions and or placeholder values.

Or use a rule to add subtasks–perhaps Subtask Sections (Tab+N)–which I think is a more appropriate place for requirements than in Comments.

But if it’s just a guide/instructions, and not captions/values to fill in, I prefer to use the Project Description/How We’ll Collaborate (the “i” info icon on the header) because such instructions repeated over and over again in every task will become tedious after a while.

Hope those ideas help,



Thank you, Larry!

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