Asana Report / Chart showing nr of tasks added to a section


I am looking to create a chart which shows month on the x-axis and nr of tasks added to a particular section on the y-axis. Is this possible?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @David_O_Donovan,

you could for example set up a graph like this with the section as a filter. If needed you can then duplicate the chart and have one per section

Or another way could be to have the section in the x-axis, task count in y-axis and the date filter

Does that help?

Thanks Andrea

I’m looking for a count of tasks ADDED or MOVED to the section measured by month? So the trigger is not the creation of the task but the moving of the task into the section or stage.

For example we have a bucket on a board for ‘Won sales’. I’d like a chart showing how many tasks in each month get moved here.

I see, then maybe the “time in section” is helpful?

Unfortunately not. I would have thought it was a common requirement to measure the event of moving to an important section.

Thanks for your help