Asana Release Notes September 2019

Hi folks,

Please find below our release notes for the month of September:

  • Free version of Asana templates : Asana templates are now available to everyone, regardless of plan type. Check out our template gallery and find one that works for you.
  • Voice recognition for iOS : Quickly create tasks and attach recordings with voice input on iOS. Create a task and then select the microphone icon, or simply press and hold the orange task creation button to begin recording. Please note that transcription will be limited to the language configured on the iOS device and may not be available in all languages. Download the mobile app and try it today.
  • Updated @mention notifications for task descriptions and comments : When you need to boost the signal of a comment or task, you have the option to mention another user. This update makes @mentions more prominent in Asana and email UI.
  • Redesigned update emails : We’ve redesigned our task update emails to be clearly actionable, and our batch update emails so they’re easier to digest.
  • Dedicated CSM in the Admin Console : Admins of qualified accounts will now find their dedicated customer success manager’s information in the Admin Console. Learn more about our Customer Success offerings.
  • New Asana Together Workshops : We launched two new Asana Together workshops this month: “Go Pro with Asana Business” and “Onboard your Team to Asana”. Check out our upcoming events and find workshops in your area.

Have a great day :slight_smile: