Asana Release Notes July 2023

Hi all,

Please find below our latest release notes! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

  • Workflow bundles: Standardize processes at scale with bundles. Apply any combination of rules, fields, sections, and task templates across multiple projects at once. Learn more.

  • Variables in rules: Reference variables, such as task assignee, task creator, due date, and custom field values in the “Add a comment” text field when creating rules. Read more.

  • Goals planning template: Use this goals process workflow to make it easier for you to orchestrate your organization’s or team’s goals process in Asana. Get more details.

  • Goals duplication: Duplicate existing Goals in Asana and specify which attributes to copy over when creating a new goal.

  • Salesforce for Asana Goals integration: Create goals in Asana directly from Salesforce, and connect your Asana goals with data and insights from Salesforce to help you monitor impact. Check out more. Also, create and view reports of your Salesforce-powered goals in Universal Reporting.

  • Formula custom fields on Mobile: See formula custom fields from both Android and iOS apps. Learn more.

  • Admin controls for artificial intelligence features: Super admins can turn on or off Asana’s artificial intelligence features to use machine learning for their organization. Find out how to optimize with artificial intelligence.

  • Hubspot integration in rules: Set up rules for deal updates to automatically create and update Asana tasks. See more on the HubSpot + Asana integration.


Hi Emily
Why is the change in user roles not included here? It is causing us a huge amount of angst, and we now will have a huge amount of work to do to enable our staff to be able to access the stuff they used to be able to access, all because Asana has changed how it designates these user roles.



I agree, and now I do not know how to solve it.

It does not make any sense to restrict Asana admin to not be able to access things that are now restricted. Now I cannot make some important changes in the projects.
Team members should continue to have access to edit everything in the projects.


Please add a Solo license plan option. Thank you!


After the upgrade, I have 2 clients contact me to say to immediately find a replacement for asana because projects within teams are no longer displayed and they have to go an extra step and hit an arrow to display. Sure enough, I went and looked and this is a terrible idea. I have 30 projects and they use to be displayed.
In addition, people have come back into my team that had been removed. They do not show as members to delete because i am not on premium. Now what?
Thanks for ruining my weekend. Asana keeps getting further away from the need from project management


This is just ridiculous! Roll it back !

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Totally agree with how irritating the new changes are to the side bar. Wrote two separate feedback responses with how the updates just don’t work and I now realise that I’ve ‘lost’ a small pile of projects that no long show up.
We have around 80 client projects which I found because I know the project numbers, and then a whole load that I created for admin, finance, HR etc and these have all disappeared.
Didn’t have any response from Asana to my feedback!!!


The “Project Admin” role caused a big impact here, we need more people be able to change the project. Please roll it back ASAP. How can I disable that?


You can have more than 1 Project Admin which allows for fully privileges in a project including be able to wipe the project out of Asana completely. The new “Editor” role allows for full editing without being able to delete the project which should probably be where most users who are doing editing (non-commenting only) work in Project should live. This functionality was really desperately needed from a general user control to bring Asana closer to more modern software with granular security controls. Without it, any user that could edit data within a project could also delete the project which is really an unacceptable and potentially existential risk for a project.

AI control is for Premium and up right?

“The new “Editor” role allows for full editing without being able to delete the project” - If this were the case, we wouldn’t be having this discussion thread, and all of our staff would still be able to do everything that they used to do (except delete the project).

Perhaps the Editor role should be changed to include everything that a Project Manager can do EXCEPT delete the project, because if they can’t edit ALL portions of the project, what is the purpose of the role?

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My apologies, I haven’t followed this as closely and see the other thread now with all the issues. Agree, no Asana rollout ever seems straight forward now. They almost need a full technical documentation for every single nuanced issue so that people fully understand the ramifications and limitations of things before having to uncover them for themselves.

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