Asana Release Notes July 2021

Hi all,

:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Dark mode : Use Dark Mode on web, desktop, and mobile to reduce the strain of device light and make it easier to focus on work. Enable dark mode in the Display tab in your Profile settings.
  • Project notification defaults : Instead of adjusting your project notification settings one by one, now you can set notification defaults that apply to any project you’re invited to in the future. You can also update project settings for all projects you’re already a member of from the Notifications tab in your Profile Settings. More about Profile Settings
  • Clockwise integration : Schedule time for important tasks directly into focus time blocks your Google Calendar with the new Clockwise integration. Get the Clockwise integration
  • Portfolio messages : Now you can send messages to Portfolios just like you do to individuals, projects, or teams. Just add a Portfolio to the “to” field of the message. More about Messaging in Asana
  • Capture tasks from Android Quick Settings menu : Android users can enable a custom tile in their Android quick settings. Tapping the menu item launches Asana and shows the task creation view. Download Asana for Android

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below :slight_smile:


I checked that Android Quick task update. It’s quite nice!



Great to hear that dark mode is now available on desktop, web, and mobile! That’s huge. How can I enable it on Android? Is it a rolling update?

Hi @Andrew_Lyon, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :wave:t2:

Currently, Dark Mode is only available for web, desktop and iOS. Dark mode is Android is on our Product team’s radar and we hope to see this implemented in the near future!! :dark_sunglasses:

Great, thanks for clarifying! I look forward to enjoying this basic essential feature in the very near future so I can incorporate Asana into my workflow

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Could be, that my question ist already answered. But I didn’t find the solution. :question:
Sometimes, our workflow needs to go in different projects. So the description has to be customized by every projekt in the same way, or one rule should be in every single project in the portfolio.
Is there a possibility for a bulk processing?
Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english :smiley:

I absolutely LOVE the Dark mode!! Makes all the difference in the world not having to look at another bright white screen all day!

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