Android Widget - Dark mode toggle and checkboxes

I am really enjoying everything about Asana so far however I rely heavily on widgets to keep my life in order and I have suggestions.

First, I love that in the app I can choose between light mode, dark mode, and system default. I personally have my phone set to dark mode but prefer some apps in light mode so this is wonderful. However the widget doesn’t follow the mode selected in the app, it follows the system default.

I’d like to be able to select if my widget is in light or dark mode similar to how I can in the app. This really helps with visual contrast.

Second, the widget as it is seems to only function as a viewable list as it is now. While I can click on tasks and it opens the app for me to check them off, this feels rather silly. If I have a widget I might as well be able to check things off in the widget. Adding a small checkbox to the right or left in order to mark a task as complete would make this much more useful.

Thanks for the great app!