Android dark mode toggle please?

Can we get a toggle for dark mode on Android? I have an older phone that does not have a native dark theme or night mode. I use Nova Launcher for my phone’s dark theme. I’ve had chronic headaches since I was 3. I was super excited to try out the app when I was on my PC, but then I went to check out the mobile app and it completely killed my enthusiasm that the only way to have dark mode on Android is to also have a native system dark mode. Are there any plans to correct this or should I just move on to another app?

Welcome, @Swenryss, although this has not been a great welcome given your situation, I’m sorry to hear.

I’ve not heard any plans about any other ways to support dark mode on Android, and realistically I’d guess it’s unlikely to happen.

We’d hate to see you go. Is there any possibility you’ll upgrade phones in the future? I have a somewhat older phone myself (Pixel 4a 5G, whereas the current one Pixel 6) and yet mine does support Asana’s dark mode natively; that’s a nice phone and must be fairly reasonably priced at this point.



It’s an older phone, but it’s also not a big brand flagship phone, which I guess matters more than the age here. I could upgrade my phone any time I want, to be honest. I don’t because environmental matters are dear to me, and electronics are a big source of pollution. Considering this is currently my only real issue with this phone and that I’ve only had it for about four years, I’d like to use it more before I send it to a landfill. I guess I’ll go flagship for my next purchase, I just don’t know when that’ll be. Could be tomorrow if my phone breaks, could be in two years if normal wear and tear takes its course.

I’ve been looking everywhere online and in my phone’s settings to try and find a way to make Asana read my Nova Launcher settings, but it just doesn’t seem to be possible. I’d rather not use something that will exacerbate chronic pain if I can avoid it. I don’t know much about programming, but I find it unlikely that a toggle literally cannot be added. It feels more like a cop-out to me. Anyway. I’m gonna stop rambling haha.

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