Asana Release Notes, April 2018

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April 2018

Rich text formatting: It’s now easier to format your text, add emojis, create lists, and link to other work in Asana with a new rich text formatting menu. The menu will appear at the bottom of all task descriptions and comments. Learn more.

Two-year zoom on Timeline: For longer projects, you can now zoom out on Timeline to a two-year view of your plan.

Create a task with Quick Add: Now when you use Quick Add to create a task, the dialog box will appear in the bottom right of your screen so you can reference other information in Asana while creating the task and work on multiple task drafts at once. You can also minimize drafts while you do other work so it’s easy to come back to them when you’re ready to finish them up.

Attach multiple files on iOS: You can now select and upload multiple attachments to your tasks and conversations at once from your iOS device. Hang tight Android users, this feature will be available to you soon.

Improved Chrome Extension: We’ve upgraded our Chrome Extension so you can add tasks to Asana from any website. Download the extension to start creating in Asana from any webpage.

Custom fields in the API: Developers can now see, add, remove, or modify custom fields in our API.


I don’t think this is currently possible, but it would be awesome if we could save the default zoom on a timeline. e.g. I usually like to zoom out quite far and have to do this each time I get to the timeline.

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It seems with the change to quick add, hotkeys no longer work in quick add (date, description, assignee, etc). Would be nice to restore this. I’d also like to be able to tag and subtask in quick add.

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Is the “two-year zoom” feature really available? I can zoom to only one year …