Asana Release Notes, March 2018

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  • Timeline: With Timeline, you get a beautiful living view of how all the pieces of your projects fit together, so you can start off on the right foot and hit your deadlines. See how Timeline fits into our product vision.

  • Edit comments in tasks: You can now edit comments in tasks after you post them so you can fix those pesky typos. To edit a comment, click the drop down arrow next to it, and select Edit Comment.

  • Jumbomojis: Now when you write a comment containing only emojis, they’ll show up “jumbo” size if there’s three or less.

  • Improved security for emails forwarded to Asana: We’ve strengthened the sender authentication requirements for adding tasks, comments, and conversations to Asana via email, so it’s now more difficult to take unauthorized actions as another user in Asana.

  • Team guests counts toward member limit: When you add a guest to your team, they will now be a “Limited Access Member” that counts towards your team member limit.

  • Batch API: To make it easier to develop on our API, you can now perform multiple “actions” in a single HTTP request. Learn more about building on our API.

  • Task dependencies in the API: Developers can now add, remove, and see task dependencies in our API.