Asana Release Notes, November 2018

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Here are the latest Asana releases notes:

  • Portfolios: You can now organize projects by initiative, monitor their status in real time, and report on progress in both the web and mobile app with Portfolios. From this high-level overview, you’ll be able to spot risks and drill in for more details, so you can keep your team updated and mitigate risks before they derail projects. Learn more
  • Calendar 2.0: Based on your feedback, we updated Calendar to be it faster and more customizable.
  • Filter Advanced Search reports by start dates: You can now generate Advanced Search reports by start dates in addition to other project and task criteria.
  • Clarified Quick Add button: The Quick Add button in the header now says “New” so it’s now easier to discover how to create new tasks and projects.
  • Contextualized Quick Add button icons on iOS: The Quick Add + icon in the bottom right corner of the iOS app is now contextual based on where you are in Asana. For example, if you’re in the Projects tab, you’ll see an Add Project icon.

More details in: Asana Release Notes | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide


Thanks @Marie. Anywhere we can get more details on the additions to Advanced Search?


You beat me too it Vince, I was about to ask the same question. I got s excited when I saw this note I went to apply it and… nope, nada, nothing :sob:
I have a couple of team members who arent great at forward planning and somehow managed to only commence their tasks on the due date rather than the date range because ‘asana says its not a priority yet’.

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@K_Taylor, it’s Thursday in the US and it’s Friday in Australia. So if I’m a day behind you, how did I manage to beat you to it :thinking:

What do you meant by Asana says it’s not a priority yet? Maybe there is another way we can solve your issue.

Yup TGIF - I guess you’re just magic :scream:.

The ‘priority’ issues is an individual time management issue, not a software issue - it is not everyone’s forte (hence why we use ASANA).

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HI. When we request features we are asked to vote on them. But I never see the highest voted items being introduced. Can you explain whats going on there? Here they are here There are features I want down the list, but if you never work down that list will they ever be introduced?


Hi @Vince_Mustachio :wave:t3:

I don’t believe we have updated our Guide article yet with this new Advanced Search feature, but you can now search for tasks based on start dates (see screenshot below)

Hi @Laurence_Cope, and thanks for your question!

If you haven’t already, I would recommend checking out this post in which we outline how your votes fit into our voice of customer process and how it helps us build our Roadmap.

Over the last few months, we have implemented quite a few requests that were very popular in the Forum (The new Nonprofit discount is probably the most recent example), and we have a number of features in the work that I’m hoping to share with the Community Forum very soon!

Thanks Marie,
Is there any plans to roll this out as a sort feature in the view filters as shown below?
This would be a huge help to a number of our team members.

Hi @K_Taylor and thanks for the mention.

I don’t have any updates regarding the combinaison of filtered (incomplete) and sorting (due date) views, but if you haven’t yet, I would suggest adding your vote and keeping an eye on this thread

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