Asana proofing & Matrix use-case

Hi all :raised_hand:

You might use the Asana Proofing feature

Now imagine instead of placing the pins (subtasks) to proof the typos or give feedback, you would place them on a matrix image, creating an additional level of context (based on where the pin is placed).

Example 1 : Risk Matrix

Example 2 : SWOT Matrix

:bulb: More ideas of use-cases

  • Porter’s Five Forces Model
  • Hambrick and Fredrickson’s Strategy Diamond
  • Ansoff Matrix
  • BCG Growth-Share Matrix

And more generally, a great tool for team workshops (to draw ideas, on a matrix)

What do you think? Have you already thought about it? :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome idea @Arthur_BEGOU ! very clever :wink:

I’m guessing you could also create dashboards and charts from the data in the subtasks that are generated from the feedback tool, right?

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Thanks @Richard_Sather :raised_hand:

Well, concerning the subtask data in Report, I’m not so sure how it would work, actually.

I know subtasks are technically included in Charts (Including Subtasks in Dashboards - #30 by Zemeng_Li).
But if you want to make advanced charts, you might need to use custom field(s) - for example, the “sub-sections” doesn’t seem to allow reporting.
And unfortunately, the Proofread feature won’t let you fill the custom field while adding the comment (you need to add it separately, either in the subtask details, either in the project while subtasks unfolded).

Maybe there are other ways :slightly_smiling_face:

ah! that’s what I was counting on… good to know, but unfortunate this is not possible.
The only way I can think of is by converting the parent task to a project which would also convert the subsections into project sections, thus available for charts. But then you would lose any comments in the parent task :person_shrugging:.

Interestingly enough though, the image with the original feedback comments still remains intact in the project’s Overview section - I just tried it out!

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