Asana Project Side Bar



Hi Asana,

I have asked this question before, but with no response. Is it possible to make the left hand Project Side Bar scaleable? Or if not possible, can you make it wider? Some of our project names are quite long and much of these names are truncated due to the narrow side bar width.

Hope to hear back from someone. Thanks!


I would also add to this the ability to expand and collapse to the Team level in one click


@Dan_Rogall Thank you for this feedback and for describing what is challenging for you about the existing view. The more context we have for why a feature is being suggested, the more our product team is able to cater Asana to your needs. I will pass your feedback along :slight_smile:


I feel the same as a company owner I cannot easily navigate asana as we have small team but with many open topics from marketing to customer projects. The biggest pain I have to use and recommend Asana to others (including my customers) is inability to manage the whole organization. What I like in Wrike is the ability to collapse and nest projects in other projects that gives clarity and natural way to structure activities across all projects.

Please add that and you could be product of choice for decision makers (top management).


Totally agree. I find the project side bar frustrating, it’s really not as functional as it should be. I struggle to figure out what project is what. Our project names are often quite long, and only the first couple of words show up, which often identify with the client’s name as a prefix.


@Darek_Lis and @Dan_Rogall I completely understand the difficulties of managing many projects at once. My solution for keeping track of many projects is using a reference or “summary” project that acts as a table of contents for all my work. We’ve discussed the benefits of reference projects and how to use them in this thread. Do take a look - I think it will help! Creating “summary” projects