Any way to stretch the RHS projects and teams view window a little further to the right?

For easier reading, I would like to stretch the RHS projects and teams view window just a little further to the right - but alas it seems impossible to do this. Our naming convention means all i see is for example: {Project Name: Analysis Serv…} would be nice to get just 5 or 6 for characters in view to make for easier instant reading :wink: Any ideas?

If your eyesight is okay then you could simply zoom out in the browser window.

A more permanent approach would be to use a browser plugin like Stylish to inject some custom CSS to Asana pages.

something like .PotListPage-detailsPane {min width:395px} (default is 495px) might be sufficient.

Alternatively you could target the css selectors for the project names on the left side and make the text smaller.

thanks for reply, this but this doesn’t address my issue. The projects list ‘window’ can’t be dragged or stretched a little further to the right in order to view full strings describing projects.

We are in total agreement with Jyri. The limitations on the project list window are frustrating at best. Not only would we like the ability to resize the window, but a folder nesting of projects would be enormously helpful and add a layer of organization that really needs to exist.

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Just to be clear…

As I understand your initial post on a Project’s page, with a Task selected, you want to be able to use your mouse to change the respective widths of the LH col (containing the list of tasks) and the RH column (containing the detail of the selected task).

Is that correct? I am not a programmer, but it seems like a big ask to be able to do something like that on the client side of a cloud-based service, and as this is posted in a Tips and Tricks forum I assume that’s what you’re asking for help with. (It might be an entirely reasonable feature request, but this doesn’t seem to be what you’re asking for).

Is it critical that you can modify these widths on-the-fly (as you seem to be suggesting)?

Or would it be sufficient to permanently make the LH column wider, and the RH column narrower? (Because that’s what my Stylish suggestion does)

I agree that the column widths should be adjustable or at least make the left hand column wider.
This would be a feature request.
Thanks and happy holidays to everyone.