ASANA Photos do not remain attached after being taken

When working on a task, add an attachment, select camera which takes pictures and adds the pictures, then go to the next task and the photos disappear. The photos are not captured by the camera phone, and are lost. WHY???

And then I cannot move any photos that I have from ASANA unless I download them individually, WHY???

Before going to the next task, do you see the attachment loading/appearing on the task?

Yes at the moment you can’t move attachments between tasks.

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Yes, the photos are taken via the asana app, and are shown on the screen. I am using IOS Pro Max 13.

The photos are there and then I move on to another and another until I have done 10-12 project tasks all with photos. Then I go back a month later and …no photos.

You go back to a task a month later and photos have disappeared? can you read the history on the task and see if anything is written there?
I suggest you reach out to support, they will he able to access your account.

Agree with @Bastien_Siebman this is very strange. Best thing as he recommend is reaching out to support as they should be able to look into your account and figure out why this is happening.