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Hey Nonprofit Fam!

As a former board member and community leader in a few nonprofits, I was masterminding (with myself - LOL) on the top 3 projects that a nonprofit needs.

a) Meeting Management
b) Marketing and Campaigns
c) Signature Program

Thoughts and opinions?

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Hi @Ashley_Shuler!

Great that you have started this topic!

I’m also a former leader of a nonprofit and a leader of a couple of communities.

Another (top) 3 projects that I would add as the ones that a nonprofit needs would be:
a) Members/Community Management
b) Fundraising Management
c) Event Management (can probably be the same as the Signature Program project)

@DinoKovacevic - you are absolutely right!!! Thoughts on private projects? I think this could be good for programs or events that are in development that aren’t ready for the entire time. You can invite your team members that private project to work on it.

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Actually, we had a pretty easy-to-use policy regarding which projects are private and which not - if a project included any global financial information (ex. Finance project, Reporting project etc.) or any executive information (Board Meeting, Executive Reporting etc.) we made private.
All the rest projects (Marketing, Program projects, Projects, previously mentioned etc.) were public, even if still in development and even if they included ex. financial info of a certain project. And we added everyone to these projects to share info and gather ideas, but we limited who can edit and who can only comment.