Asana and nonprofits a match made in project management heaven

As an operations manager for a nonprofit startup, I can not speak more highly of asana. We use it to manage everything from onboarding, hiring to on the ground program management. My favorite asana pro tip is to create an asana project for new employees to complete their new hire tasks. That way they both get to learn a new system and you can make sure they completed everything they need to get done.


Hey @Ester_Allen :wave:

I think that’s a great tip! I know when I started working at Asana, I found my onboarding project to be a great chance to familiarize myself with how Asana works. I would even piggy back on @lpb’s welcoming tip to combine your new employee onboarding project, with a nested task, connecting them to a newly created Asana Basics Template that you create just for them!

Thanks for sharing!

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