Tips for Using Asana for Board of Directors Engagement

I’m looking for tips and ideas on how to utilize Asana for Board of Directors engagement. Our board does not utilize organization email addresses so they would need to be guests to Asana.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Hey @Crystal_Alifanow

How integrated does your board need to be in the creation of projects? I’m assuming that they may only need to be kept informed of ongoing work, so I’m unsure if they would need access to specific features that are restricted to them if they are invited as guests in Asana (ie, custom field creation etc).

I might recommend starting off with the creation of a Team specifically for your Board of Directors. Start off by leveraging our nonprofit board meeting template to help manage the contents of your meetings. This will help make their their decisions transparent, provide a space for meeting minutes, then start socializing them with how Asana works. The more familiar they get with it, the more they can engage with Asana in person during meetings as well as remotely, when needed.

If there is a member of your team who works closely with the board (perhaps you @Crystal_Alifanow), as a full member of Asana, you can help set up projects with the custom fields they may need upfront; they can then adjust them after creation.

This individual can also multi-home key tasks from projects across your organization’s teams, into a project that lives in your new Board of Director team. That way your board of directors have visibility into your organization’s initiatives and stay informed of their progress from within this Team.

Would these suggestions work? Let me know if you have any added info/insight that may help me tailor some of my suggestions :+1: