Asana MacOS Desktop App Flickering (Round 2!)

Experiencing this issue again…

Linking to the previous post on this that was closed

Was not experiencing this issue until the latest refresh… this morning I think? (8/2/23)

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You’re not alone. I’m also experiencing the same issue, and have before. I’m using the Asana desktop app (1.15.0), not the browser. I think I also did an update just a couple of days ago.

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I have the same problem. Just deleted the Asana desktop app for nos as it was driving me insane. Hope it doesnt persist on Web.

I am also experiencing this issue, rendering the app basically unusable. Anyone else able to find a fix? Uninstalling it didn’t fix it.

Any update?? Happening for me too. Very obnoxious and keeps me from being able to do my work.

I’m also having this on my desktop – every day or so, it flickers madly and I have to close it.

Yea its been bad lately. Can get it to behave if you close out of that instance and reopen.

Same problem here (Windows) it’s like some responsive CSS gets into a fight with itself and judders/flickers everything around in a frenzy.