Asana + Logitech MX Master Mouse

Where are all my Logtiech MX Master lovers at? Did you know that with the release of Asana Desktop you now can configure application-specific gestures so navigating Asana with a mouse just became even easier?

Simply customize the gesture button and motions to be keystroke assignments that match some of your useful but hard to remember shortcuts! :wink:

Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Multi-select individual tasks: CTRL + Click
  • Create a follow-up task: SHIFT + TAB + F
  • Close task details: ESC
  • Hyperlink text: CTRL + K
  • Convert selected text to a task: CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

For quick access to the keyboard shortcuts in Asana press: CTRL + /

How do you (or would you) make the navigation of Asana a better experience for you and others?


Nice, @LEGGO!

One of my favorites is:



I would love this for “Open task in New Window”. But it does not have a key stroke assigned to it.

Asana peeps … can you please make more features/options available to be assigned a keystroke.

This guy is a next-level Asana user.

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