Asana <> Lattice integration

This is a bit of a niche request, but maybe Asana can work on this integration sometime in the future.

I use Lattice ( at work for performance management, and to track all of my 1 on 1’s with different stakeholders across the company.

On the 1 on 1 page in Lattice, there’s a section called “Action items” that lists the different tasks I’m working on in between meetings (see the attached screenshot).

Since I use Asana at my company, I manually add these tasks to Asana to make sure I plan them properly with the rest of my work.

It would be really helpful if these action items were linked directly to Asana, and eliminate the need to update both platforms manually.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 09.10.35


I’m surprised this doesn’t have more votes! I like being able to record and view 1:1 action items when I’m running a 1:1 in Lattice but I hate that they can’t be synced to Asana, so I need to either (1) record action items and update progress in two places in between 1:1s or (2) have two different tools open in addition to Zoom during my 1:1s and not be able to connect my action items to anything in Lattice.

An integration here would be incredibly helpful — I hope the Asana team will consider it!


Came here to request this exact thing. If I could push action items from Lattice to Asana I’d have employees who were way more excited about both platforms


Another vote for this feature!


Yes please the more actions we can consolidate into Asana the stickier the solution becomes :pray:


Would love this!


Hey there ! Yes this is a strong need in our company ! As well as syncing the Goals in asana with Goals in lattice that are built the same way.


yes please for this feature. Not only for action items off the back of 1:1 with Lattice - but also connecting Asana goals to Lattice goals. This would be a gamechanger. Both tools we love


+1 on syncing Lattice goals with Asana goals


Definitely something that needs to be looked into. I am trying to see if I can sync Asana into Jira and then Jira into lattice simply because Jira and lattice sync but we cant sync from Asana to Lattice.


Yes please - would like to see this feature!

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Throwing in another vote here!

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+1 vote for Lattice & Asana integration!

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Upvoting as we’re rolling out Lattice company-wide this quarter but we’re the only team heavily invested in Asana (most other teams use more specialized tools). Top priority for me is task syncing so I don’t have to re-create 1x1 tasks in Asana, anything else is bonus.



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Yep, need this! Lattice is used on HR side and more like a whiteboard. But for our team to actually project manage our goals and collaborate we need to work in Lattice. Big pain to copy over each new goal to Asana, since we already have them in Lattice. Would be great to have collab across. Thanks! Thanks to Yas for getting me in forum!


Same here! I think this feature would be amazing for 1x1s that are hosted in Lattice. It’s double the work to have to go through AIs in Asana that I need to discuss with my manager – would be nice to “double home” Asana tasks in both Asana and Lattice!