Asana Form Won't Load

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Asana form does not load in Microsoft Edge, but does work in other browsers.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Microsoft Edge V113.0.1774.35

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Business

Upload screenshots below:

Form link: HUB Deal Submission - Form by Asana

Hi @Sean_Casselman , the reason for this error page is usually because the form has been deactivated or deleted.

Have you tried contacting the person who created the form to understand the issue?

Since this is likely not a bug, I’ll move your post to the Tips and Tricks section.

Thanks Richard! I’m the one who created the form haha. I’m sure it isn’t deactivated or deleted, it actually works on Google Chrome and for some of our users it does work on Microsoft Edge as well. Just not sure what’s causing it not to work in this instance for Edge.

Hi Sean, sorry I missed this part!

Do you have your form settings set to ‘Anyone can access’ or ‘Organization only’?
Does changing these, make any difference? If set to ‘Organization only’ make sure the form submitters are logged into Asana.

pinging @Vanessa_N … any thoughts on this?

Hi Richard. The form is set to ‘organization only’, we don’t want anyone outside the organization to have access. The user trying to access the form is logged into their Asana account before clicking the link on the form.

Understood, but that’s strange though. I would recommend you contact Asana Support and include the link to your post here also.

They may take a while to respond though, so don’t reply again until you get an initial response otherwise you will go back to the bottom of the pile!

In the meantime, you could try:

  • opening the form’s link in an incognito/private window (will likely require you to log into asana)
  • clear browser’s cache and cookies
  • opening the form another network, for example from a home network

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