Asana for Outlook not working on Macbook

Hi - we have several Macbook users in our organization and have been unable to use the Asana for Outlook integration. It works for our Dell users, but has been unsuccessful so far for any of us using Macbooks.

We are all accessing via web Outlook and when creating a new Asana task it asks us to Log In and allow it to open in a new window. It logs you in successfully, bu the message never changes. It continuously asks you to log in again and allow in another window. A window pops up, immediately appears. (All pop-up blockers are turned off). I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache, tried via incognito window, Safari, Chrome, IE and nothing works.!


Hi @Savika_Tilakhdin, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble here. Let’s try to solve tis together!

Can you please try following these steps and let me know if the issue persists?

Looking forward to your reply!