Asana plugin for web outlook not working in Safari 14


I was able to successfully install the Asana plug in for outlook web. However, it is not working in my Safari browser (14.0.3). This is what happens

  1. Click on asana logo on email window to select Open Asana add in
  2. Asana side window opens on outlook with options to sign up or log in into Asana. Click login.
  3. Get a message from web outlook saying: Asana wants to display a new window. Click allow.
  4. New window opens with login/password ask for Asana. Fill in, hit enter.
  5. Goes back to Outlook where I am looking at Login page for Osana (as in step 2).
  6. Try again by pressing Log in, now new blank window appears and kicks me back to outlook page (no login option from Asana provided)
  7. If I clear history in Safari, I can do steps 2, 3 and 4 again, but then I am back to 5.

I have extensions disabled.
I tried the same thing in Chrome and it worked fine, but I use Safari much more.
Any clues are much appreciated.

Hi @Jorge_Ahumada1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Let’s try to solve this together! Please note that since you are using the web version of Outlook, then the cookies might be affecting how the application works. Could you please try disabling Safari’s third-party cookie blocking?

Yes, that did it! I unchecked on “prevent cross-site tracking” and now it works. I wish there was an option on Safari to allow just Asana in, but not others… Oh, well. Thank you!

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That’s a pretty big degradation to Safari’s security settings. It’s a shame you can’t just select the site that you want to allow cross-site tracking on.

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