🦄 Asana for Marketing Teams

Hi everyone, and welcome back to our “Asana in practice” video series! :wave:

In this video, we’re excited to share some best practices and practical examples for using Asana for Marketing!

If you’re also managing your Marketing with Asana, please share your experience in the comments!
We’d love to hear what workflows you’re using and if you’ve any helpful tips to share on how you and your team manage your work.

Looking forward to the conversation in the comments below :speech_balloon:


Is it possible to get a closed caption version of this video?

Supposing the mktg dept is running 10 campaigns at a time, all based on the same template as shown, each one having 30 tasks. So, each task, exactly with the same name, appears 10 times on the assignee’s to-do list. It’s obvious that it will be a mess, unless someone manually renames 10 x30 = 300 tasks with a project acronym (the dump way). How can ASANA give a smarter answer to this?



Hi @Myron_Flouris, you can see which project each task is associated with at a glance in My Tasks by clicking the +Customize button and toggling Projects on.

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 10.05.19

Hi Rebecca! Where can we find Asana templates for Community Managers?

closed captions please

Amazing @Rebecca_McGrath, thank you! :slight_smile:

Do you do asana consult? Love to hop on a call because my agency stuff in asana is currently a mess :joy:


Consulting options from Asana are available here: Asana Consultation: Find an expert consultant • Asana

Asana Services Partner consultants (like me) are here: https://servicespartners.asana.com/

And more about my Asana consulting is here: