Asana "Dark Mode" Color Option

I’m leaving. Too much of an ask and no response from Asana on this topic. There are plenty of other products out there. You’re not the only player, Asana.


I can’t count how many times I checked this thread, still no answer from Asana. This white background hurts the eyes when you use dark mode in almost all your tools. Not nice Asana, I don’t want to continue using third-party tools to change colors.


Now that there is a desktop app as well, it needs to not just be a web-rendered app, it ought to have support for automatic dark mode on macOS. #productfeedback


Indeed man. I cannot comprehend how a company the size and budget of Asana cannot have a fully native macos app with the dark native support.

I would take dark mode in browser and ditch the app!


This request exists for 5 years now, almost 600 votes and even no response from the Asana team


You are a life saver. I just started using asana and lack of Dark Mode was really annoying. Thanks !

@Emily_Roman can you please give us at least a response? Are you monitoring the forum?

Hi @George.C, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us! I’m afraid we don’t have updates at the moment but we are closely monitoring feedback. We hope to have news soon!


And until someone from Asana will react to this- ClickUp has a nice dark mode feature. :wink:

+1 for dark mode

Please, dark mode :slight_smile:




@Emily_Roman I’m sorry it doesn’t seem that you do care.

This has 34k views, 611 votes, 223 replies, was created in 2017 and you have yet to provide a resolution for it!

Do you honestly have a valid reason on why you ignore your clients on such a simple feature that you could have been introduced years ago?

Please elaborate.


If my workplace didn’t use Asana, I would be ditching it so fast. Dark mode is literally so easy to implement and my eyes are not happy. It is a little infuriating that this company won’t even respond to this thread in a meaningful way, let alone implementing dark mode.

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+1 vote for dark mode. I get migraines which makes it hard to stare at white backgrounds while working. This would be a great accessibility feature to add.

+1 for dark mode too! should be standard across all websites really!

+1000 Dark mode all the things!!!

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Hi all :wave:t2: I have some exciting news…

Dark mode is now available on both web and the desktop app! :tada:

Check out this post for all the dark details and share your feedback in the comments :sunglasses:

Are you as excited for dark mode as I am? :star_struck: