Asana creating many duplicates of subtasks

Asana is randomly creating many duplicates of subtasks within one of our projects. It seems to be limited to tasks assigned to one particular team member at this time. It’s extremely disruptive to our workflow. Is there a quick fix? See screenshot. Thanks!
Task Duplication screenshot|690x381

Welcome to the Forum @Kate_Smallwood and thank you for reaching out!

Let me see if we can work on this together. II believe the issue here is related to Recurring Task. But in order to better understand this behaviour can you please provide the following information?

  • Are those subtasks in a recurring task?
  • Can you please share a screenshot of the parent task pane?
  • Can you also share a screenshot of one of the duplicated subtasks’s pane?

As explained in our Guide, if you set a parent task to repeat, do not set any of its subtasks to repeat as well. Doing so will result in the recurring subtask to duplicate exponentially.

Looking forward to your reply Kate!