Asana Crashes inviting new team mates

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to invite new team members but I can’t cause of an app crash.

Hey @Alessandro_Simonato, welcome to the Forum! I’m really sorry to hear about this issue. With the information provided, it sounds like this might be browser-related. Have you tried to reproduce this problem on a different browser? Does it happen to all the invitations you try to send? Are your colleagues experiencing the same issue? Please kindly try the troubleshooting steps listed here and let us know if they help.

Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you @Vanessa_N. I’ve tried to invite teammates in other browser than Firefox (Chrome) and in different os (iOS and Windows) but the problem remains. This morning I was able to invite new users through the mobile app. Before doing that, I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps listed in the support page you’ve mentioned. Maybe I’m only unlucky :smiley:

Hi @Alessandro_Simonato, thank you for letting me know that. If this happens again, please kindly reach out to our Support team and include in your message the URL link for this conversation and the email addresses that you are trying to invite. They will be able to further investigate this issue for you. Again, I’m sorry for the trouble! :slight_smile:

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