Asana and adding Apps

I’m trying to add Apps such as Slack, Clockify or Adobe to my Asana but they aren’t showing up in Asana. I used to have Slack and Clockify, but they are all missing since the last update of Asana. So obviously, I know how to add them because I’ve added them before. Is there a problem with the latest version of Asana and Apps.

It’s not you, it’s Asana. We’ve been using Clockify and it’s worked great - until the update. I’m really disappointed with this and the fact that Asana is trying to make it so you have to pay huge money for specific time trackers only. Very disappointing!

Now I am using DueFocus to track time in Asana. It is free and helps me very much not only in time tracking but also to cut out my distractions and control my focus