Are you notified if someone takes you off as a collaborator on a task?

If someone takes you off the collaborators list for a task does it send you a notification?

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@Breanne_Moore I don’t think it does notify. Probably worth running a quick test. Make sure you put all notification on before running the test.


Hi @Breanne_Moore,

@Jason_Woods is correct; no notifications are sent when a collaborator is removed from a task. Notifications are only sent when someone is added as a collaborator. The idea behind it is that if someone is removed from a task is because they don’t need updates anymore :slight_smile:

You can check what other actions trigger notifications in this guide article.

I also want to suggest to move this topic to the #productfeedback category. This way more people that think removed collaborators should receive a notification can vote for this feature request.

Please let me know if you agree and I’ll move your comment there!