Are there Keyboard Shortcuts for Board Projects?

Just checked the online Help and there are none listed. I am interested in shortcuts for the following tasks

  • navigate between columns and Tasks
  • create new Task for the current Project where I can easily select the column (TAB-Q is too general)
  • open details for a Task which I just created

any help is very much apreciated


Hi @Thomas_Schreiner

There don’t seem to be any shortcuts specifically for boards at the moment, which is why I still tend to use lists for most things. Boards are still fairly new in Asana, though, so I can imagine there are probably some improvements on the way in the near future.



I would like to bump this request. When I’m in Board view I can’t find a way to open a card after creating it, or to navigate through my cards and open one using the keyboard. Has this feature been added? When can we expect it?

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I cant believe this has been sitting on the backlog for over a year. Asana is a productivity tool - keyboard shortcuts are the bread and butter of power users ie people who want to be productive. it makes no sense to have a board view with no keyboard shortcuts.

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Like @Dan_Lewis, I’m wondering why we still don’t have keyboard shortcuts for boards.

I’d like to pull in my tracking of smaller tasks from Trello to Asana, without having them all in one long list, but giving up keyboard shortcuts is a problem.

Any updates?


Bumping up here, this is a blocking factor for me not to use the board feature which is blocking me from migrating from Trello :

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Bump. Switching to Asana from Trello & Jira is super painful because of under-supported Boards view. Need to be able to tag from the board view (as opposed to a task view), tag multiple tasks at once, change priority of multiple tasks at once, assign from task hover, navigate between tasks when in task view, etc.

Bumping this again - @asana stop releasing fancy new features like portfolios and finish the features you already started.

Not implementing keyboard shortcuts for navigating boards is just plain arrogant. It’s an accessibility issue as well as a productivity issue.


@Marie have you come across this?

Hi all,

Many of our shortcuts work both on List and Boards, but you’re correct, we don’t have yet specific shortcuts for Boards. I’ve gone ahead and moved this conversation to the #productfeedback to allow you and other users to vote for this feature request, and I’ve escalated your feedback on my end too. i’ll be sure to keep you posted here when I have an update!

Voting UP for this, because just at least “create a new task” but not the quick-create which lacks labelling, is quite a typical action for me.

  1. click create a task (no shortcut) > a bucket (doesn’t exist now) > 3. type-in title (ok) > 4. add labels (can’t do now on board) > 5. edit description (ok) > 6. confirm/submit

I guess this is more or less a typical way if one uses some sort of Kanban board. I’d love to see keyboard shortcuts for these actions. Navigation between buckets is another topic yet.

Basic things like adding a Tag to a task after you create it in board view seem like a no-brainer - Tab+T already works in List view, why wouldn’t it work in board view?

Thanks for the response. Is there any way of simply navigating between tasks on board view? As in using the arrow keys (up / down) to select tasks in a column, and navigate between columns (left / right), maybe open them with return? Am I just missing this? (I don’t see it in the shortcuts)

Once I’m in a task, I can use the keyboard to add a comment, change assignee, add a tag, mark as complete, and hit escape to return back to the board, which is great; but once I’m back on the board I need to reach for the mouse again to select / open a task.


+1 for navigation and tagging features on boards. I’d really like to see this feature.

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Found this while looking to see if there were shortcuts to move cards between columns. I really miss this feature after coming from Trello

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Hey @Marie is there an update on this feature? (if your still working at Asana all these years later)

Escalate please. Quickly moving tasks between columns is what i would like instead of having to drag and drop. I can’t understand why it’s not just “cmd, shft, up or dwn” like in list view. Thanks!