Are milestones on their way?


The Asana app on my IPad suddenly decided to give me the option of converting a task to a milestone actúen suddenly fails toys. Suspicious and exciting all at the same time…anyone else seeing this?

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Meet our new Task option Menu

Hi @Rafa_Mayer :wave:t3:

Yes, they are on their way! We’re currently testing them and making sure everything works well before rolling them out. I’ll be in touch with more information soon!



Milestones are coming:

Another confirmation in following animation from Flowsana: workflow automation for your Asana projects

Additionally, redacted screenshot has Add task button with drop down. There is a chance that it is hiding two additional options:

  • Add Section
  • Add Milestone
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Meet our new Task option Menu

Sherlock Holmes is in da place :slight_smile:

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