Archive Inbox notifications in batch for a same project

Ever since the recent inbox update, I cannot archive multiple notifications that all reference the same project. This is a MAJOR pain in the butt. I try to keep my notifications cleared out, so I can see the important ones come through. Sometimes I get a handful (80+) notifications all from the same project (for example when approvals are coming through for each task within it). I need to see these notifications, but miss being able to archive all of them at once. Please bring back the option to group these notifications by project and archive all notifications that were from the same project that came in at relatively the same time! I can’t just use the “archive everything” style option, because then I miss the smaller handful of other notifications that came in at the same time. Please fix!

Hi @Andrea_Bryant, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We already have two similar threads in our product feedback category for this request. I suggest you to add your vote here:

Unfortunately we don’t have any updates about this feature at the moment but I’ll make sure to send your feedback to our team in charge of the voice of the customer program so it can be considered in future discussions. We’ll make sure to update the main threads when we have updates!