Archive a Section in a Project

Fixing a bug is not disruptive. Being able to archive sections again would fix the current bug that prevents archiving sections. There would be no functionality lost; only returned. Therefore, it would be safe to do it; definitely safer than when they broke archiving sections in the first place.

Can we get an update on when this will be fixed? We also use sections for weekly sprints or sub projects and not having the ability to archive a section is highly annoying.


I would also like the ability to do this. We divide our scrums into sections, and would love to archive the entire section so we have somewhere else to reference it.

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There is no way to archive a section under a project together with all its subtasks this is so needed for our business


Is there any update on this? We manage a number of web series with our weekly/monthly episodes organised into sections, so being able to archive or mark these sections as complete once episodes are published would be hugely beneficial.

As a paying user, +1ing.

This basically makes the Boards view useless, unless you rename completed Sections to ZZZ and move to the right. If all tasks within a section are complete: then it should be hidden in board + list view. Otherwise, archiving as requested in this thread would be an appropriate fix, with the section un-archiving if a new incomplete task is applied to it.

As it is now: very cluttered and makes project management harder.

I hate having all my Sections with no tasks hanging out on my projects! Is there a solution in the works?

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Is there an ETA on when this going to be fixed? Also don’t like that my completed sections are just hanging out with not tasks :unamused:

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Asana never gives ETA, sorry :man_shrugging: