Archive a Section in a Project

Biiiiig +1, new Sections make me sad

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Agreed that instating an “Archive” feature for sections is much needed in order to clear the section from a project but still have it on-hand for historical purposes.

another +1 here for the ability to archive sections (+5 if we’re keeping track of my whole team). we appreciate having the historical data that the section-at one point-existed and all the tasks within are now complete. i do not want to use the delete function.

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Another desperate plea to bring back the ability to complete sections and fill in richer metatada for sections (description, assignee, due date, comments). My workflow is completely broken and I’m still struggling to find a way to salvage Asana as a way to capture my team’s work.

I used to se the ads and not give them a second look, thinking to myself “but I like asana, why would I look for something else?”. Fast forward to now, and I’ve been actively researching alternatives to Asana ever since this change to how sections work (or more accurately, don’t work).

I just discovered this shortcoming…it’s such a disappointment. Please keep us updated on when we will be able to better utilize sections!

Currently I am just moving completed sections to the bottom of list and far right of boards.

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Just another massive PLEA to fix this. I recently did a big refresh of our Learn Asana template project (which teaches newbies some of our company specific Asana norms), and I cannot tell you how absolutely ridiculous it was when I got to the “Sections” part. So…you…can’t remove them. Just…sigh…I guess leave them and maybe Asana will fix it soon.