Archive a Section in a Project

Feedback on New Section / Column Heading Element

Hi @Marie. Sorry for two posts from me tonight but this is just so painful. I am putting this feedback here in the forum because the behavior of the new Section/Column headings has clearly been designed to support the use case of switching between boards and lists. With, I will unfortunately have to say, some really annoying consequences.

Use Case:
Each department has an annual operating plan or strategic plan. It is comprised of all the milestones that they are responsible for, broken out by quarter.

I was excited to see the list/board switch feature roll out to my company recently. Some of the teams like the Board view better for their strategic plans. Frankly I support ANYTHING that gets them to like Asana. So that’s a win.

So tonight I was going through each of the department’s strategic plans getting everyone all set up for the new strategic plan we’re rolling out. Simple task while I’m watching TV - add the new quarters between now and FY2023.

Sections looked like this:

What was great about this was:

  1. It was easy to move milestones (or as we call them, “rocks”) from one quarter to another, using the sections.
  2. when the quarter was over, you just closed the section and it was hidden from view. Project stayed nice and neat.

Enter the New Section behavior.

New sections are like the house guest who has vastly overstayed their welcome but is not taking the social cues that maybe it’s time to go home.

The Quarter is OVER. But due to the new behavior of Sections (e.g. you can’t close them) what on earth do you do once all the work below them is done?

I have another project that tracks all the high level items for our electronic health record roll out by program location. Once that program location is done and live, why on earth does the section heading need to live on in perpetuity?

I’m writing this well aware of the work around you, dear reader, might be wondering. “What’s the big deal? Why don’t you just delete the quarter section heading when it’s done?”

Do you think getting rid of house guests is that easy? Come on.

You can’t delete the section header, because you have to MOVE all the tasks (whether they are done or not) OUT of that section before you’re allowed to do that now.

So now Asana is asking me to move the tasks…where exactly? The only place to put them is at the top of the project where there is no section heading.

Oh and I have to teach that now very stupid work around to every person in Asana: “I"m sorry but for some reason you now have to move every single task under that section that you’re done with all the way to the top of the page so it’s now unassigned, and then you can call an Uber for the house guest you don’t want.”

Sigh. So that’s my feedback @Marie.


Hi @Kristian_Sekse and thanks for sharing your feedback with us. The ability to archive Sections is so far the biggest feedback we received from customers who have access to List < > Board. We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this topic as your use case illustrate perfectly this idea. We’re still in the process of rolling out this new feature, but just like for other launches, we’ll look into some improvements in the future, so your feedback is super important; thanks for sharing it!


Did I read that right? Asana is going to first make sure everyone has this broken feature and then fix it?

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Please fix the issue without worrying about who has the new version yet. That way, when more users have it, they can still mark sections complete like they have always been able to.

For me, it doesn’t matter who has it yet. I have it, so my workflow is broken and there are dead sections sitting around and waiting for Asana to let me mark them complete. To be clear, I don’t want to delete the sections, since that doesn’t make any sense. Marking them complete is what has always worked well for everyone here, and should continue to work well. Also, section descriptions were very useful and those need to be returned. Also, being able to make a section simply by adding a colon at the end of a task title was perfect. Why was working functionality removed? All this functionality could work while still being able to switch between a board and list view. When switching to the board view, it would just interpret the sections as it does now. I don’t get why this has to be explained…


Would really like the ability to mark sections complete or archive please. Having a bunch of empty sections hanging around is problematic for me.