Approval Assignee

It would be good if you could assignee an approver to tasks marked as approval (which is different to and in addition to the task assignee.) I know there are workarounds by re-assigning the task itself or (auto-)creating subtasks; however these are just that: workarounds. It’s always the case that the approver/reviewer of a task is someone other than the task doer, and things can go back and forth during the review stage.

We use custom fields to understand and manage workloads, with estimated time associated with each resource. Say a task takes someone 4hrs, that value is attached to the task along with the due date for when the task is to be complete, which shows at a high-level when people are busy and how many tasks are assigned to them. If we re-assign the 4hr task to someone else to review, 1) it now looks like the reviewer has a 4hr task (which they don’t) and 2) those 4hrs have just been lost from the original creator making it look like they weren’t busy at all. This is just one example of why many workarounds don’t work for us and the way we use Asana for sprints.