Assign Form Approver by role

I LOVE using Asana roles in templates so that tasks are assigned to the correct person when projects are created.

Now that Roles exist, could it be possible to assign the Form Approver by the same Roles? For instance, in one template, I created “supervisor” as a role. I’d also like the supervisor to be the form approver. It’d be great if I could go to the form settings and set: “Role: Supervisor” as the form approver. Might this be possible to add fairly simply?

This ties into a problem I have where people working on a task prematurely click it as finished or don’t know what the button does. Being able to limit who has access to that function would save me so much time looking for tasks that need review

Hi @econnelly.pdx have you tried using dependencies? You can block the completion of the main task by an approval subtask so they cannot mark complete using it has been done. (Technically they can override it but if you set everyone to commenter it means that they cannot mark the approval complete to unblock the task if assigned to another person)