Apply Task Tags and Assignee to Subtasks by Default

When in a task, creating a new subtask, it would be great if tags and owners would automatically apply to subtasks. They are more easily deleted when not needed than they are reproduced to match the parent task.

That would be something the Rules could do. However rules don’t work with subtasks yet.

There should at the very least be a setting where one can choose to have any subtasks automatically copy the tags associated with the primary task. It’s painful having to enter them over and over again. It should also copy the Assignee - because if it’s the same person then you save another step, if it’s a different person than you’d have to change it either way so you don’t lose anything there.

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There are also cases where subtasks are just used as a checklist of some sort. In our team, we create a new task every week during our weekly meeting. The task would then consist of subtasks for attendees, topics, and action items raised during the meeting. So, imagine the inconvenience if subtasks automatically inherits the parent’s properties. Attendees and topics are never assigned to anyone nor get any tags.

If you look at it, Asana can be as simple as it can be. It’s simplicity, combined with it’s flexibility, makes it more appealing to a wider range of market, since a lot more processes and workflows can be integrated in it.

Now, during such times when it’s frustrating that there are these features not available in Asana, that’s when we pause and rethink our processes, that perhaps there’s something that can be changed and improve. This way, integration with Asana is seemless. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. I understand that there are times where you wouldn’t want the properties inherited, that’s why I suggested it be an option. It could be as simple as a putting a Tag icon next to the Calendar and Assignee icons when creating a subtask. Clicking the tag would attach all the tags the parent possesses. It’s all about options and letting people choose how they want it, as simply as possible.



Oh oh. I’m very sorry. I sounded so narrow-minded there. :frowning:

I was actually thinking of it as a global setting. I did not think about it as an option within the task itself. And yes, I completely agree. If Asana can add that, then surely it can integrate well into your use case.

For the meantime, you can probably use Advanced Search to ease out your pain.
In advanced search, you can filter using the current project you’re working on, choosing any task type (regular task and subtasks.) Then in the results view, sort it by creation date. This way, after creating subtasks to a task, the subtasks will appear on top of the list. You can then select the subtasks and assign it to the same assignee as the parent, and tag them all at once, too.

As an added trick, I usually do this in a split screen view. With a bigger screen size, it works perfectly. :slight_smile:


Like your feedback!! We are also looking the same feature. We hope Asana’s Team can transform in reality :wink: