Action items on multi-selected subtasks

Would love to be able to perform actions on multi-selected subtasks - such as assign dates, assign to projects, add tags etc. Right now all it looks you can do is delete.

You can set assignee and due date by using the shortcuts on the right

thanks. the most important thing for me right now is to add them to other projects. can’t seem to do that without going into them one by one.

Hi Nicole, that’s possible to! Simply multiselect (Task actions: create, move, duplicate, and more | Product guide • Asana Product Guide) your tasks and use the “Tab+P” shortcut (Keyboard shortcuts in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide) to add your selected tasks to another project! :slight_smile:

Not working for sub tasks, it adds to the parent task only.

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You’re 100% right @Nicole_Murray, this only works for tasks. My apologies, I forgot we were talking about subtask :see_no_evil:

Unlike tasks, subtasks are unable to be all selected and then edited in unison - is this on the roadmap to be changed?

Hi @Jasmine_Dudgon, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

I agree, this would be super useful! :rocket: There is an existing thread in the Forum for this feature request so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this to consolidate feedback.

Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future - I’ll keep you posted!


Since this post was created, Asana added the feature to show subtasks in the List view list pane by expanding the parent task to see first-level subtasks indented there (provided Sort is None).

This means you can multi-select subtasks there and perform batch operations just like for parent tasks.

So this represents a pretty considerable workaround for many cases listed.


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