App focuses "new tab" button on activation, which breaks Tab+z and other shortcuts

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Activate app
  2. Tab+z

Expected: goes to my Task List
Result: focus moves to next part of Tabs UI, but My Tasks is never activated.

Note: If I click elsewhere in the app, and then hit tab+z, the shortcut works. Tab+z should work regardless of where the focus is, including on an app tab or the New Tab button.

Browser version: N/A

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Basic

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Luke_Williams4, sorry to hear about this trouble. I could not replicate this on my end. Can you confirm if you have the latest version of our Desktop app? Have you tried to reinstall it? When did the problem start?

I do have the latest version. Here’s a more succinct description:

When the newly-launched tab interface is highlighted, tab+X shortcuts should still work

E.g. tab+z for My Tasks
or tab+o to open sidebar

Instead, anytime the Tab interface is highlighted, the tab shortcuts are broken. Typing tab+z, for example, just moves aroung the Tabs interface instead of triggering the proper shortcut.

Here’s a video - I’m pressing various tab+X shortcuts but none of them work. All that happens is the focus indicator moves around the tab interface.

Thanks for replying, Luke. Unfortunately, the screencast doesn’t seem to be working, but I’ve passed the information provided on to our Desktop team for investigation. If they need anything else, I’ll let you know.

Trying again with the screen share link - I’m pasting a link not an embedded video so I hope it shows that way:

Ok, looks like the forum is just broken when it comes to Dropbox videos :confused:

First time I’ve seen that.

The video just shows the focus cursor switching back and worth between the current tab “X” button, and the “+” for new tab. That’s what happens when one of those is focused, and I try to use the longstanding “Tab+key” shortcuts.

Thanks for the attention to the matter

I have the same issue.

It seems that when Asana goes out of focus (e.g., switching to a different app) and I go back to Asana (either through cmd + tab or by clicking the icon), the app doesn’t focus properly.

The tab key then highlights and moves between menu items on the nav bar.

This breaks all of the shortcuts (including non-tab shortcuts like cmd + k, for example) until I click somewhere in Asana. At that point the app focuses properly and the keyboard shortcuts work again.

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Yes, I’m also consistently observing activating the Asana Mac app (e.g. via cmd-tab) moves the highlight to the tab bar. This breaks workflows like:

I’m typing in the Description, briefly switch to another app to copy text I need, and switch back - then the cursor is not where I left it and I have to fiddle with the mouse and click back where I was, in order to continue entering text.

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