Anyone using Google Goals (auto schedules recurring tasks) & Asana?


Have you tried Google Goals?

More info here:

Seems like a cool thing to try and utilise even if the Google Goal is “Always action all my daily Asana tasks”. Google calendar will find the best time for you to set aside time to action this.


I haven’t tried Google Goals yet, but love this idea, @Neil. Do you have the Goal then link out to your Asana task list?


Hi Katie - I am just experimenting with it. Will share any progress I make.


I have actually been experimenting with Skedpal which officially moved out of Beta today. I have been following this product on and off for two years and revisiting it again this week has been an amazing experience. This is google goals on steroids.

This was the blog I found whilst looking for google goals:

And the video on their main website shows how you can take a group of tasks and schedule them dynamically in your day with smart software that adjusts to interruptions just as a satnav does when you take a different route to your destination:

The best news is that Seth at Skedpal is planning an awesome integration with Asana. This is what he says on the forum:

  1. You will have access to a setup page where you can define a relationship between your asana projects and SkedPal projects. So, for each asana project, you can decide which SkedPal project will get your assigned tasks. You can either define a one-on-one relationship, or sync multiple projects from asana to a single project in SkedPal.

  2. When a task is assigned to you in asana, the task title and its due date (if any) will appear in SkedPal.

  3. When you set (or change) the due date or the planning of the task in SkedPal, SkedPal adds a comment in asana notifying the team members about the estimated completion time of the task.

  4. If you change the due date of the task, or mark it complete in SkedPal, the changes will sync back to asana.

Now that sounds awesome to me!


Skepal looks interesting, @Neil! Especially if it will have a real time 2-way sync with Asana. The sign-up form didn’t work for me though. I’m waiting for their reply.