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Hi all! I’ve been switching between apps for years and can’t find the right one. And so I seem to have found Asana, but I just can’t figure out how to conduct business in it with reference to time. As I understand it, this is for project management, and for meetings there is a Google calendar. But I think that tasks without a strict connection to the clock and with it are all part of our life and work process. But I always have to divide these tasks into two applications, comparing: “Is it possible to set tasks for this day? Oh no, I have two online meetings, but I will have time to do something.” So you have to wander between several windows. Although you just need a line in the calendar view so that tasks with a start date are located in it, there is no such thing, either I didn’t find it, or I don’t understand planning :smiling_face_with_tear:. Has anyone encountered the same thing, or maybe found a solution for themselves, or am I really doing something wrong?)

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Welcome, @Ivan_Avseevich,

I think there are different approaches, and people have their preferences.

If you haven’t considered, perhaps that’s worth a look because there’s an Asana integration and I believe it targets your question, but I’m not a user or very knowledgable about it.

There are direct integrations between Asana and calendar apps, e.g., Google Calendar + Asana • Asana or others in those Asana Apps listings.

Some people just live with two apps, one for calendar events, due to their ubiquity and widespread standard protocol for events and integration with meeting invites, and another a work management app like Asana (you referred to Asana as a project management app, but this superset term may be more accurate).

I use the calendar for some events, but more than most I use Asana for time-based events instead of a calendar (sometimes an event appears in both). It’s been working well for me for years, but I don’t think it would work for everyone.

So, it’s a matter of personal pros and cons, and making sure you know the apps well enough to get the most out of them.




Thank you for sharing your experience. Perhaps I really have little experience, since I can’t understand how to normally use things with a start date (since the start time is not displayed on the board).

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